We can develop bespoke websites and mobile apps to meet your requirements.

Software Architecture

We have created our own platform upon which to develop our clients' bespoke websites and mobile apps. It uses the Ruby and Javascript programming languages, the Rails web application framework, the Ember, Foundation and Cordova user interface frameworks, the Nominatim geocoder and the PostgreSQL relational database.

These languages, frameworks and applications and any third party libraries we use are all open source and licensed for use in a commercial application.

Our core services (which include deployment, user authentication, order and subscription processing, and email and SMS delivery) are licensed for your non-exclusive use, and any bespoke services that we write for you are licensed for your exclusive use.

Software Development

We use an agile methodology called Scrum to implement the requirements specified in your user stories in fortnightly blocks called sprints, which begin with a sprint planning meeting to establish the order and way in which the stories are to be implemented, and finish with a retrospective to examine how things went, and to decide which stories should be assigned to the next sprint.

We build the features in your user stories as bespoke services which connect to the existing core services in our platform to form the complete solution.

Quality Assurance Testing

The code that we write is accompanied by appropriate automated tests, including unit tests for individual models and controllers and integration tests which cover user stories. A full suite of tests helps to ensure that all of the apps' features continue to work as expected when we add new features or update the underlying languages, frameworks and libraries.

We use the Git source code version control system, and make regular commits to our repository during the course of each sprint. Each commit triggers a continuous integration server which runs all of the unit and integration tests, in addition to a suite of third party security tests. If these pass, the code is published to a testing server for manual testing before being deployed to our secure cloud.


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